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Burns Cottage ~ the birth place of Scotland's National Poet ~ Robert Burns - Alloway, Scotland.

Thomas Hardy ~ novelist & poet. This cottage is maintained by the National Trust, UK

"H.M." Stanley ~ born John Rowlands. Explorer, journalist, known for the famous greeting "Dr.Livingstone, I presume". What an interesting life this man led, abandoned by his family as a small boy and abandoned by his country today. There is no official residence - other than he was born in a cottage beside the Denbigh Castle.

James Cook ~ probably the most famous Captain of all. His actual birth home was demolished, to be replaced by his parents. The newer residence, known as Captain Cooks Cottage was built in England, then moved to Australia in 1933.

Anne Hathaway's Cottage - William Shakespeare's wife. Other homes belonging to the Shakespeare family can be viewed from the linked website.

Beatrix Potter ~ surely everyone knows who Peter Rabbit's creator was. More than an author, a great conservationist as, Beatrix willed 4000 acres and 14 farms to the National Trust.

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pencil drawing of anne hathaway's cottage
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